Kay Storck

east Greets west

by Kay Storck

Sumi-e Artist

What is sumi-e?

“Sumi” in Japanese means “soot” and “e” means pictures. Sumi-e is brush paintings on rice paper done in ink made from soot. Sumi-e originated in China and the first sumi-e masters in Japan were Zen monks.

Sumi-e moved from just ink paintings to brush paintings that include colors. Japanese variants tend to contain subtle colors while Chinese brush paintings are apt to embrace vivid colors.

Sumi-e seeks to depict the life spirit of the subjects. The artist attempts to capture the momentary essence of nature and aspires to depict its soul, not just to express the physical likeness. A masterful artist learns to see the unseen and portray it. Thus, the artist unveils the liveliness and fragrance of the flower, not just its petals, form and color.

   Who is Kay Storck?

Kay has been involved in art for decades. Her original passion was watercolor and photography. She and her family moved to Demarest, New Jersey, in 2001 from Virginia. She began her first journey into sumi-e at the Art School at Old Church in Demarest more than fifteen years ago.

Kay was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and lived there for 11 years. Her original language was Japanese. Her paintings are a merger of Japanese and American spirits that have long been integral in her life – East greets West.

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Caleen At Work

Carleen Davis

BS Degree - Painting, Art Ed.  - ECU

MFA Degree- Painting, Art History UNCG

Gifted @ Talented Certification UNCG

Fabric Design @Pottery - Arrowmont School - Extension University of Tennessee - Gatlinburg

I am a mixed media artist using paint, ink montage, collage etc.  My dedication as an elementary and high school art teacher has helped shape my growth as an individual and as an artist! Methods used to stimulate creativity and solutions to art assignments through originality and self-expression have challenged my students and influenced my own personal expression!

"Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees but what he feels, when he tells himself about what he has seen." Picasso

My mixed media style is influenced by massive doses of Picasso who gave freedom to abstracting the image, Romare Bearden expanding on freedoms by also fracturing images using montage @ collage techniques! Matisse has influenced my work by his beautiful use of pattern @ design!

In designing my paintings I also try to maximize the potential of the materials that I use by allowing them to float,flow,bleed,drip,crackle or  splatter! "

Rigidity is the death of the creative product. " Victor Lowenfeld

My environment, magazines, art books and films stimulate and motivate me nurturing my desire to make images! I strive for an original outcome in each piece!!

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